Affiliate (AFF) is a partnership program between KDATA and nationwide collaborators. With each successful registration of VPS/Cloud Server service, you will receive an extremely attractive commission discount of up to 20%. We promise: Affiliate KDATA is the easiest, most flexible, most reputable, and safest way to earn passive income.


Register to become a collaborator with just a few simple steps.
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Add banner link or promotional article on your website/blog.
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Earn passively when someone subscribes to Kdata service through your link.


How to know the service quality of KDATA?

With more than 9 years in the field of providing cloud-based services, we are always confident in bringing our customers quality services that are suitable for their needs. Up to now, more than 3000+ domestic & foreign customers have been using KDATA's services. This is the best proof for you to trust and become our collaborator.

Do customers have to register while clicking on the referral link?

If a customer clicks on your referral link without signing up for the service right away, you will still receive a commission for cookies for up to 90 days. You just don't get a commission when a customer clicks on someone else's referral link or deletes browser cookies.

Can I register through my referral link?

Unfortunately, the system will not count registration on the same Affiliate account. If you recommend KDATA's services to friends and relatives, please direct them to register through your link on another account with the correct contact information.

If the customer renews the service, will I receive an additional commission?

KDATA's AFF Cloud Server program is only for new referred customers. As such, you will receive a commission on each first-time payment bill of Cloud Server service.


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