KDATA's cheap Cloud Server rental service operates on an hourly billing mechanism (from only 373 VND/hour) suitable for all types of personal & corporate customers. Choose and create a Cloud Server package easily now!

1 vCPU
1 GB
24 GB
0 GB
1 IP
*Drag to select configuration
  • Domestic: 100 Mbps, Capacity up to 10 Gbps
  • International: 2 Mbps
    1 vCPU
    1 GB RAM
    24 GB SSD
    1 IP
    373 VND/ Hour
    * Above price list excludes 10% VAT
    Want a higher configuration? Chat with us!


    Powerful configuration and hourly billing are the two most prominent features of the good price Cloud Server SSD rental service at KDATA.

    Strong infrastructure:

    • The system is invested and built with completely genuine and latest hardware.

    • Application of leading virtualization technology KVM with advantages of safety, security and easy upgrade.

    • The server system is placed in the country's 3 largest data centers, meeting international Tier 3 standards, Viettel, VNPT and FPT.

    • High bandwidth up to 100Gps ensures the fastest and most stable transmission speed.

    Hourly billing:

    • At only 373 VND/hour, KDATA's cheap Cloud Server service is suitable for customers who aiming for short-term projects or developing new products.


    Users have full rights to create, edit, delete, upgrade, downgrade... Virtual machines (VM) at will with just a few simple clicks.
    Easy to use
    The user-friendly administration interface is fully integrated with features such as initialization, editing, deleting, configuration changes, Firewall settings, etc, for easy manipulation and use.
    Load balancing (LB)
    Load Balancing (LB) automatically distributes application traffic across multiple VMs, meeting high demand for application traffic.
    Auto scaling
    The Auto Scaling (vAS) feature has the ability to automatically scale or reduce the number of virtual servers depending on the needs of customers to ensure the highest uptime and availability.
    Auto backup
    Backup is a built-in feature to the admin page. When this feature is enabled, the system will automatically back up your Server on a daily, weekly or monthly cycle depending on the configuration of the virtual machine.
    Integrated in the admin page, Snapshot allows users to create a snapshot of one VM and create another VM from the snapshot with applications that are installed inside.
    Easy data retrieval
    The Database (DB) feature makes it easy for users to set up, operate and expand the database, at the same time retrieve the necessary data while ensuring information integrity.
    Support various operating systems
    Cloud Server supports various operating systems and pre-installed Applications through images.


    Things to prepare when buying cheap Cloud Server (hourly VPS) at KDATA

    Gmail, Outlook…accounts have never been registered.

    Phone number has never been registered.

    Domestic bank cards such as Vietcombank, ACB, Agribank, Paypal account or Visa Debit Card, MasterCard must not be used for payment at KDATA Cloud before and have at least 100,000 VND in the account.

    Step 1:

    Access the homepage And select Sign Up.

    Step 2:

    Enter the required information such as email, phone number, password and tick the box I'm not a robot.

    Step 3:

    Check your email and activate
    your account.

    Step 4:

    Deposit money into your account to use the service
    (You need to deposit at least 100,000 VND).

    Note: The deposit via bank transfer will need confirmation from KDATA, so it may take your time. Therefore, you should choose the automatic loading methods above for more convenience when using.
    Step 1:

    Log in to Dashboard > Press the Initialize button > Select Virtual Machine

    Step 2:

    Select the operating system to install: CentOS, Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, etc.

    Step 3:

    Choose the right configuration according to your needs: vCPU, RAM, ROOT DISK (SSD)

    Step 4:

    Select Network: Public Network or Private Network

    Step 5:

    Name the Virtual Machine

    Step 6:

    Tick I agree and press Initialize


    Cloud Server is a virtual infrastructure built to process information and build applications. Cloud Server is similar to a virtual server (VPS) but is set up with Cloud Computing technology.

    KCLOUD is a Cloud Server service provided by KDATA, of which KCLOUD and Cloud Server are ONE.

    Some customers will call it Cloud Server, some will call it hourly VPS, others will call it KCLOUD.

    Accounts locked can be caused by:

    • Case 1: Out of money. In this case, you only need to deposit at least 100k to continue using
    • Case 2:Other errors. Customers send tickets for fastest technical support.

    See how to configure Networks on KDATA Cloud HERE

    Windows need at least CPU 2 Core RAM 2GB to create VMs

    Looking in the spam folder to see if the KLOUD mail has been sent. If not, go to KCLOUD to retrieve your computer's password.

    • First, see what has been deducted in the invoice history.
    • Second, see if you have any VPS, hard drive, snapshot, router (with public IP assigned) in your account.
    • Third, our system does not deduct money an hour after creating virtual machine but at a certain time of the day. So you may find that after deleting, your account is still charged.

    For virtual machines, there are 2 problems related to the hard drive that you need to know:

    • The hard drive containing the OS: Will be erased when deleting the virtual machine.
    • Removable hard drive: Added during virtual machine creation or later depending on customer needs. Therefore, while deleting a virtual machine, the system will only erase the hard drive containing the virtual machine's OS, and the attached hard drive will not be erased, you have to manually delete it if necessary.

    Hourly VPS is a VPS rental service that charges by the hour (or timeframe), that is, you will be charged by the number of hours you use VPS will charge you at a specified price of each provider.

    There is no standard in renting hourly VPS by hour, because it depends on your needs and desires for your rent service. However, we can mention some cases such as:

    • Test new products
    • You need to develop the project in a short time (only about 1-2 months to finish)
    • No need to use VPS often, just use it at a specific time

    In fact, customers often rent KDATA hourly VPS for MMO & gaming purposes, such as hanging online games; raising Etsy, Ebay, Paypal, Facebook accounts; doing Youtube; running the tool, running the emulator;...

    Currently, KDATA allows customers to top up their accounts through the following methods:

    • Domestic Payment (Auto recharge)
    • MOMO (Auto recharge)
    • Appota Pay (Auto recharge)
    • International Payment (Auto recharge)
    • Paypal (Auto recharge)
    • Bank Transfer (The deposit via wire transfer will require confirmation from KDATA so it may take your time)

    See instructions on how to make a deposit HERE

    You can contact us via (at the bottom of the page) or 1900 6413 for the fastest support.

    • If you have just created your account, you have to wait 5-10 minutes
    • If you have created your account for a long time and still cannot log in, please submit a ticket for technical support.

    To submit a support ticket, please follow these instructions.

    Cases needing to submit tickets:

    • Created VPS a long time ago but can't log in
    • Hanging machine that has been created for a long time
    • Account is locked
    • Cannot create VM or VM has Error
    • The server's transmission is slow
    • ...

    You cannot login because::

    In this case, you need to check your spam mailboxes. If you still don't see the mail, you can view the VM register information on Cloud Server by following this guide.

    When you don't want to use Cloud Server anymore, you should delete it to not be charged. When you want to reuse it, then re-initialize.


    • Cloud Server is still deducted even if you turn it off, so you need to delete it if you don't want to lose money!
    • Deleted Cloud Server cannot be restored, please create a new one to use.
    • Maximum number of creations: 30
    • Operating System: Windows and Linux (no charge)
    • Each server is a separated, unduplicated IP which is automatic so cannot be self-elect.
    • Location: Vietnam
    • Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2697 v3 (35M Cache, 2.60 GHz)
    • Support IPv6
    • Use the internet/network of the system. Default 100Mbps



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