How to create VM (Virtual Machine) on KDATA Cloud

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Instructions for creating VM (Virtual Machine) on KDATA Cloud with choosing operating system, service pack, selecting network, ssh key and some other configurations conveniently, easily and quickly
  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Select the VMs from the dropdown Server tab at the left sidebar
  3. Click Create VM
    • VM Name: Specify a name to identify the VM. (Virtual Machine)
    • Operating System: select the Operating System for VM.
    • The pop-up window is displayed, then you can select the operating system you decide to install Example: CentOS 7,then click Accept.
    • Plan: select the hardware configuration.
    • Data Disk (optional): If you want to use an extra hard drive
    • Network:
      • Basic Network (recommended): your VM will be provided an public IP address by the system.
      • Advance Network: If you want an advanced network feature, you can find more information from here.
    • Firewall: select default.
    • SSH Key: Select your ssh key, If you do not have any, please see how to create your own key from here.
    • Tick "I agree to the Terms of Service and Security Policy"
    • Create VM.